Department of Mechanical Engineering

Lab Details

Sr. No Lab Name Lab Number Major Equipment Laboratory Cost (INR) Labs Mapped as per R2019 C-Scheme Syllabus of Mumbai University
1 Advanced Manufacturing Lab A001 CNC XL Turn Lathe Machine, CNC XL Milling Machine, Linear Shattle Conveyor, ASRS , 6 Axis SCARA Robot,  Automated Assembly Station 47,85,549/- CNC & 3D Printing Lab (MESBL401)
2 Thermal Engineering Lab A015 4 Stroke-4 Cylinder Petrol Engine with Eddy current Dynamo-meter, 4 Stroke-1 Cylinder Diesel Engine with Rope Dynamo-meter, 4 Stroke-1 Cylinder Petrol Engine with Electric Dynamo-meter, 4 Stroke-1 Cylinder variable compression ratio Diesel Engine, Single &  Two Stage Compressor Test Rig 31,84,637/-(ICE)
+ 4,23,692/-(ATD)
Thermal Engineering Lab (MEL501),
 Vehicle System (MEDLO07033)
Turbo-Machinery Lab (MEL602)
3 CAD/CAM Lab A119 Hardware:
Dual Core Intel Pentium Acer PCs (24),  Printer HP 1020 Plus
PTC Creo, ANSYS software
30,94,000/- CAD Modelling Lab (MESBL301),
Finite Element Analysis (MEL503),
CNC & 3D Printing Lab (MESBL401)
4 Strength of Material Lab A011 Universal Testing Machine 100 tonne, Universal Testing Machine 40 tonne, Impact Testing Machine,
Torsion Testing Machine, Hardness Testing machine.
22,69,835/- Material Testing Lab (MEL301)
5 Mechatronics Lab A118 PLC trainer Kit (Allen Bradley 830),
Pneumatic trainer kit with PLC 820, Hydraulic trainer kit with PLC 820,
13,27,957/- Measurement and automation (MESBL601), Laboratory based on IoT (MEL802)
6 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab A112 Refrigeration Trainer, Air Conditioner Trainer, Ice Plant Trainer, Desert Ccooler, Cooling tower , Vapour Compression Refrigeration System,
Vapour absorption Refrigeration System
10,64,175.71 /- Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (MEL603)
7 Fluid Mechanics  & Hydraulic Machinery Lab A013,
Francis Turbine Test Rig, Kaplan Turbine, Hydraulic Trainer, Reciprocating Pump Test Rig, Pelton Turbine Test Rig,
Impact of Jet, Bernoulli's Apparatus, Calibration Of Venturimeter & Orifice Meter, Losses in Pipe Friction Apparatus, Reynolds Apparatus.
7,90,906/-(HM) +1,90,138/-(FM)
Total: 9,81,044/-
Turbo-Machinery Lab (MEL602)
8 Metrology &
Measurement Lab
A116 Gear Rolling Tester, Profile Projector, Tool Maker Microscope, Stroboscope 3,93,295/-(MMC)
Total: 11,69,190/-
Measurement and automation (MESBL601)
9 Material Technology Lab A113 Muffle Furnace, Double Disc Polishing Machine. Metallurgical Microscope 5,67,319/- Material Testing Lab (MEL301)
10 KOM/DOM Lab A117 Static and Dynamic Balancing Apparatus, Motorized Gyroscope Apparatus, Universal Vibration Testing Apparatus, Universal Governor Apparatus 5,08,464.28 /- Dynamics of Machinery Lab (MEL502)
11 Heat Transfer Lab A111 Natural and Forced Convection Unit, Heat Exchanger Unit, Emissivity Analysis Unit, Pin-fin Unit 4,00,434/- Thermal Engineering Lab (MEL501)
12 Machine Shop A006 & A007 Lathe Machine -23, Shaping Machine -02, Milling Machine -02,Radial Drilling Machine-01,Surface Grinding Machine- 01 22,02,841/- Machine Shop Practice (MEL302)
13 Project Lab A016 - 38,722/- Mini Project (MEPBL301,MEPBL401,MEPBL501,MEPBL601)
 Major Project (MEP701, MEP801)