Computer Science and Engineering
(Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

About Department

The department of Computer Science & Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning) was established in AY 2020-21. The department started with an intake of 60 students in UG program. The department has highly qualified, experienced and dedicated teaching faculty and supporting staffs. The department has fully equipped laboratories with modern and sophisticated equipment.

B. E. in Computer Science and Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) contains an array of courses which are related to computation like design and analysis of algorithms, computer programming languages, software design, and computer hardware. This program also has courses related to electronics engineering, applied sciences and linguistics also.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has grown exponentially in last few years. This specialization is proposed to enable students to develop smart machines with a cutting-edge combination of AI & Data Science technologies like, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Statistics, Big Data Analytics, Computer Vision, Business Intelligence, Deep Learning and Reinforce learning, Robotics, Predictive Analytics using R, Swarm and Bio-inspired Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic and Systems ,Natural Language Processing, etc.

Large number of IT companies employs huge number of computer science and IT professionals with expertise in the domain of AI & ML. Hence, students after successful completion of this course, has high prospects to get associated with leading Industries across the globe.