Department of Mechanical Engineering

Research Funded Projects

Year Sr. No. Title project Name of Students/ Faculty Funding Agency Research Grant (INR)
        2021-22 1 Design and Experimental Analysis of Solar Powered vapour Adsorption Refrigeration System Using Silica Gel Mr.Salik Ansari ISHRAE 50,000/-
2 Experimental Analysis and Investigation of Heat Transfer Characteristics through Aerofoil shaped Pin- fins with Circular holes by Forced Convection” Dr. Kavita H. Dhanawade ASHRAE 2,67,022 /-
3 Experimental Investigation and analysis A2o3-R32 Nano Refrigerant for domestics’ refrigeration system Mr. Sahil Bhosale and team ISHRAE 48,600/-
4 Design and development of Indirect Evaporative Cooler system as an experimental test rig. Dr. Kavita H. Dhanawade ASHRAE 2,47,920/-
5 Design and Development of Multiple Evaporator Refrigeration System for Food Storage using Solar Energy Dr. Kavita H. Dhanawade ASHRAE 2,45,482/-
6 Design and fabrication of ‘Eutectic Refrigerated Transportation Vehicle Integrated With Solar ENERGY Prof. Manoj B. Dhawade ASHRAE 1,81,266/-
7 Design and Development of Hybrid Refrigeration System Prof. Shweta V. Matey ASHRAE 1,70,699/-

“Smart healthcare in smart city using WBAN cloud based continuous remote monitoring system”

Dr.Vivek Sunnapawar

Ministry of Telecom (DoT) and Indian Mobile congress (IMC) Healthcare, Education and Governance


    2020-21 1 Pressure and temperature monitoring using iot Dr. S D Dalvi,
Prof.Sulbha Yadav
SENERGY Consultant Pvt Ltd 7,000/-
2 Design and development of Heat exchanger for noise attenuation and emission control. Prof. Anil Magare University of Mumbai 42,000/-
3 Experimental investigation of multiple evaporator refrigeration system using Nanofluids for food item storage system Prof. Suchita Lokhande University of Mumbai 39,000/-
4 An investigation of tribological properties of lubricating oils with nanoparticle additives to develop biodegradable lubricants. Prof. Ujjawala Pandharkar University of Mumbai 29,000/-
        2019-20 1 Design and Fabrication of Variable Length Capillary Expansion Device' Mr. Onkar Bhosale and team ISHRAE 50,000/-
2 Design and Optimization of Thermoacoustic
Refrigeration System”
Prof. Krishna Dwivedi University of Mumbai 30,000/-
3 Improvement in automotive muffler characteristics for noise reduction using heat exchanger fundamentals Prof. Ajay Kashikar University of Mumbai 30,000/-
4 Experimental analysis of heat transfer characteristics of pin fin with longitudinal rectangular slot by forced conversions Dr. Kavita Dhanawade University of Mumbai 40,000/-
5 Design & fabrication of waste chill recovery heat exchanger Prof. Manoj Dhawade University of Mumbai 25,000/-
6 Design & fabrication of silicon disc dehumidifier in solar air cooler system Prof. Kulwant Dhankar University of Mumbai 30,000/-
7 Design & fabrication of beach sand cleaner and litter picker Prof. Hemant More University of Mumbai 40,000/-
8 Experimental Analysis of water cooler cum air conditioner by Nano-fluid used as a Refrigerant Prof. Smita Ganjare University of Mumbai 30,000/-

Corporate Funded Projects

Year Sr. No. Title project Name of Students/ Faculty Funding Agency Research Grant (INR)
2020-21 1 Lungs Capacity Check -LCC Prof. Snehal Junnarkar,
Harshad Masdekar,
Mohammad Asib Idrisi,
Aryan Yadav
Mastek Ltd 1,50,000