Department of Electrical Engineering

Lab Details

Sr.No Lab Name Lab Number Major Equipments Laboratory Cost
1 Protection And Switchgear Lab A-305 Relay testing setup 4 MCB - mccm functional testing setup 6 1317741/-
2 Electrical Machine And Drives Lab-I And Lab -II A-303/ A-304 Closed loop dc motor drive (i)control module (b) dc motor 0.5 hp, d.c. power supply unit 1354780
DC motor- Alternator Set with DC excitation unit
3-Phase Synchronous Motor
Ward Leonard Set (3phaseIM, DC Generator, DC Motor)
DC Series Motor
Loading Rheostats
DC Power Supply Unit
3-Phase Double Wound Transformer
Closed Loop DC motor Drive
3-Phase Induction motor controller using V/F scheme
DC Shunt Motor
DC motor- Alternator Set
3-Phase Synchronous Motor
DC motor- Alternator Set with DC excitation unit
3-Phase Synchronous Motor
4 Computer Lab A-302 Computer 30,89,450/-
Matlab 9.0
ETAP Modules (16.0)
Segate External Hard Disk 1 TB (1)
5 Microprocessor And Control System Lab A-320 DSO 6,27,686/-
Microprocessor Kit
PLC with HMI
Control System Kits
Microcontroller Trainer Kits (PIC 18F)
Variable Power Supply
6 Power Electronics and Measurement Lab A-319 Bridges 9,11,831/-
Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO)
Power Electronic Trainer Kits
Function Generator
PSIM Software
Dual Power Supply
7 Basic Electrical and Electronics Lab A-412 Single Phase transformer, Single Phase & 3 phase Dimmerstat, Rheostat, Trainer kit 1169205/-
8 Basic Electronics Lab A-318 Function Generator 5,42,534/-
Digital Storage Oscilloscope (DSO)
Dual Power Supply
Trainer Kits
Analog Trainer Kits
Linear IC Tester
Digital IC Tester
9 UEE Lab A-309 Testing Lamp Set 65000/-
Heating coil
Induction Heating
Drawing Tables