Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

Faculty Publication 2022-23

Sr. No.  Name of the Faculty y Title  Name of journal Impact Factor/Scopus Ye Year
  1. 1
Jayshree Rahul Sonawane  IoT based water quality measurement Device International Journal of Innovative Research in science, Engineering and technology                ---- 2023
  1. 2
Dr. Devidas Chikhale HetNet Handoff Security Solution using Femtocell Network Architecture and UMTS Technology in the millimeter range” International Journal of Wireless and Mobile Computing( IJWMC), Inderscience Publications Scopus 2023
  1. 3
Vandana Motghare Revaluating pertaining in small size training sample regime International Journal of Electrical and Electronics Research Scopus 2022
  1. 4
Dr. Devidas Chikhale Atmospheric Effects and Behaviour of Electromagnetic Signal in the Millimeter Range Wireless Communication International Journal of Microwave and Optical Technology Scopus  2022
  1. 5
Dr.Nitin Deotale Performance of Transmit Antenna Selection in (MIMO OSTBC) System Joint with BCH-TC in Rayleigh Fading Channel International Journal of Integrated Engineering Scopus  2021
  1. 6
Dr. Nitin Deotale MIMO-Orthogonal space time block code system joint with BCH-TC in Rayleigh fading channel for performance of transmit Antenna Selection Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, Emerland Publication Scopus & ESCI  2021
  1. 7
R.N.Duche Academic Performance Prediction of Engineering Student Journal of COJ Reviews & Research           ----- 2021